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The Site domain belongs to AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. Estr. da Circunvalação, 10748 B 1.1, 4460-280 Matosinhos, Portugal, NIF: 510 824 625, being the company the holder of exploitation and management rights of the operation.

Third party use of the site implies the acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions (“TC”) by its users.

Terms of Service

  1. Access to the Site

    1. AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A., while owner of the Site, may at any moment ban access to third parties, namely for repair or maintenance actions. Additionally, AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. has the right to shut the site down at any moment in case any there is circumstance which it deems justifiable.

  2. Intellectual Property Rights

    1. AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. owns copyrights of all texts, drawings, images graphs and other content which is displayed on the site.

    2. Users are not authorised to reproduce, copy, alter, sell or use these elements without previously obtaining written consent from AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A..

  3. Privacy and treatment of personal data

    1. For purposes of account creation by the Site’s users, they will always be asked to give an email contact and a password. It is the user’s duty to keep this data in a secure location and to change them in case there are signs of abusive use on the account, on the part of an unauthorised third party.

    2. Likewise, if the data or personal information given by the Users suffer any alterations, it is their responsibility to update those elements.

    3. Without any pre-judgements, the privacy of the Site Users constitutes a particular concern for AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. To that end, we’ve approved a Privacy Policy upon which the general applicable principles in matters of collection and treatment of personal data are defined, and to which we will adhere to in the strictest of senses.

    4. Our Privacy Policy is supplemented by our Cookies Policy.

  4. Alterations to the TC

    1. A AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. reserves the right to make alterations which become necessary to these TC. Whenever that happens, the alterations will be published on the Site, and it is therefore advisable to check it regularly.

  5. Suggestions and Complaints

    1. In case the users have any issues related to the present TC, the following contacts may be used:

      +351 220 327 775(Cost of the call to a national fixed network)
      The cost of communications depends on the tariff agreed with your operator

Conditions of Sale

The purchase of products undertaken through B-Parts.com are subject to portuguese legislation and are regulated by the following conditions:
  1. Purchase

    1. The products are presented on the website with a description which allows the Buyer to known the corresponding essential characteristics and their price.

    2. The Buyer selects the Product(s) which he/she intends to buy.

    3. The Buyer confirms his/hers choice of Product(s) and acknowledges and accepts the present general terms of purchase through validation click.

    4. At that moment, the amount for the order will be charged, except the cases in which the payment has been previously made (namely through Bank transfer or other).

    5. AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A, vows to confirm and/or inform regarding the availability of the Product(s) ordered by the Buyer within the maximum deadline of 48 hours, starting from the reception of the information as established in nr. 4) above.

    6. Once the order is validated, a communication is sent to the Buyer (email, text message or other) to inform him/her of the shipment or cancellation of the order.

    7. In case of total or partial confirmation of the order, the resolutive condition which is part of the purchase and sale contract brokered between the Buyer and AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. will not be undertaken, and as such AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. will commit to shipping the order within the foreseen deadline.

    8. In the case of all or part of Products ordered by the Buyer being confirmed as available, the above mentioned Products will de shipped by AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A..

    9. Product(s) are deemed to be received on the date Buyer or a third party other than the carrier acquires physical possession of the same or, in the case of several goods ordered by Buyer at a single order and delivered separately on the date Buyer or a third party other than the carrier acquires physical possession of the last item.

  2. Price and Payment

    1. The purchase price of the product is determined by AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A..

    2. For shipments within the European Union the price indicated includes all taxes, fees and shipping costs in the description sheet.

    3. For shipments outside the European Union the taxes, fees and shipping costs in the description sheet, orders may be subject to import taxes and fees that are applied when the order reaches that destination. The customer will be responsible for paying any import taxes and fees not included. Please contact your local customs office for more information and a 'destination cost estimate' before placing your order.

    4. All orders are charged in EUR.

    5. The currency converter is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as accurate and in real time; actual rates may vary. Obvious errors (including printing errors) are not binding.

    6. The order can be paid for through one of the following:

      1. Credit cards in the VISA or Mastercard networks;

      2. PayPal;

      3. Bank Transfer for IBAN PT50 0007 0000 0019 5735 5252 3;

      4. ATM or homebanking;

      5. MBWay.

      6. Alma

        1. Payment in installments with Alma

          The payment in several times/deferred is available via our partner Alma. The security of the payments is ensured by Alma and its providers. All payments are protected by 3D Secure.

        2. Amount of purchases

          1. J30 : Only purchases between 50 € and 2 000 € are eligible for payment with Alma.

          2. P2X : Only purchases between 50 € and 2 000 € are eligible for payment with Alma.

          3. P3X : Only purchases between 50 € and 2 000 € are eligible for payment with Alma.

          4. P4X : Only purchases between 50 € and 2 000 € are eligible for payment with Alma.

        3. Fees

          By paying in installments with Alma, the Customer does not pay any fees. Except for the following cases:

          1. P2X : 0.78% per transaction

          2. P3X : 1.57% per transaction

          3. P4X : 2.34% per transaction

        4. Alma is a telepayment manager and issues an electronic certificate that will be considered as proof of the amount and date of the transaction in accordance with the provisions of articles 1316 and following of the civil code.

        5. Cancellation

        6. Any termination of the GTC between the Seller and the customer will result in the termination of the GCU between Alma and the customer.

  3. Right of Withdrawal

    1. The client is aware that all the products sold by AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. are used parts, originating from cars involved in road accidents, ready to be used in other vehicles.

    2. Under the terms of current legislation, the Buyer has a deadline of 14 (fourteen) days starting from the reception of the ordered Product(s) to exercise his right of free resolution without payment of any indemnity and no need to indicate motive.

    3. The right of withdrawal must always be exercised by the Buyer, in writing, to the email address geral@b-parts.com or via the post. The buyer may use the withdrawal form, in Appendix I of these Terms and Conditions, or through any other statement which is unequivocal regarding the withdrawal.

    4. In the case of the exercise of the right of free resolution within the above mentioned deadline, only the price of the purchased Product(s) and corresponding shipping costs. The return shipping costs are the responsibility of the Buyer.

    5. The Product(s) must be returned in their original condition and complete packaging, with all accessories , instruction manual, etc, in the same way as they were shipped, within 14 (fourteen) days atarting from the communication of number 2 ,above mentioned, to the headquarters of AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. in Portugal.

    6. It is the Buyer's responsibility to establish proof of timely return of the Product(s).

    7. If you withdraw under these terms, you have the right to be reimbursed for all payments made, including delivery costs (excepting additional costs resulting from your choice of a shipment modality which is different than the least costly modality of normal shipment offered by us). within 14 days starting from the date on which you communicate your decision to withdraw. However, AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. has the right to, except in the cases where it volunteers to pick up the Product(s), retain the reimbursement until reception of the returned Product(s).

    8. The right to return the products should apply exclusively to products which may be returned in the same conditions as the were received by the consumer, and therefore after reception of the Product(s) we will examine them to verfiy that they are in the same conditions as when the consumer received them. No reimbursement will be made if the Product(s) have been used or have been damaged, so the consumer must take care in the handling of said product(s).

    9. We will proceed with the reimbursement using the same payment method used in the initial transaction, except if there is a specific request on your behalf to do otherwise. In any case, you will not pay any taxes on the referred reimbursement.

    10. Under the applicable legal terms, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in relation to any product which has had its warranty and inviolability seal removed, or that has been manipulated.

    11. The exercise of the right of withdrawal does not hinder the consumer's right to inspect, with due care, the characteristics and operating functions of the item.

    12. The Consumer may be liable for the item's depreciation, if the manipulation undertaken to inspect its condition, characteristics and operating functions exceeds the manipulation which is habitually allowed in any commercial establishment.

    13. The Buyer may also be held liable for any possible decrease in value of the products resulting from their delivery to B-Parts.


  4. Competence to Settle Consumer Litigation

    1. In case of consumer litigation, defined under the terms stated by Law nr.144/2015, from September, the consumer may resort to the official body for competent alternative resolution of consumer litigation: Centro de Arbitragem do Sector Automóvel - https://www.arbitragemauto.pt/.

    2. With no damnification to that which is stated in the legislation, the statutes and rules to which the official bodies for alternative resolution of consumer litigation are bound, the consumer may opt for the european platform for resolution of litigation available at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr, for the official body for alternative resolution of specialised competence, in case such exists for the sector in question. He/she may consult the updated list of all official bodies for alternative resolution for consumers available at www.consumidor.pt.

  5. Nonconforming / Damaged Product

    1. The return of any nonconforming /damaged product to AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. is required.
      AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. will ship, in case such exists in stock, a product with equivalent characteristics and price. If that is not possible, the amount of the order will be refunded to the Buyer.

  6. Mislabelled Product

    1. If the mistake is the responsibility of AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A., the procedure is the same as that for a Nonconforming Product, that is, the product must be returned to AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. and if a product of equivalent characteristics and price is available in stock, it will be shipped to the Buyer.

    2. In the case of products which have the same reference and are still not compatible, AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. will not be liable for this incompatibility, and therefore the Buyer should always verify if the product which he/she is buying is appropriate for his/her vehicle.


  1. AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. offers a warranty in all its products, as long as the assembly of that parts is undertaken in a legally authorised workshop.

  2. Bearing in mind that they are used products, the customer agrees and accepts that the warranty period on the products is 18 months after delivery of the product and not 3 years (general period).

  3. If failures or errors occur during the warranty period, the customer must notify - namely by email or by any other means susceptible of proof - and deliver the goods subject to warranty to AMANHÃ GLOBAL, SA, with no undue delay, so that these can be evaluated, repaired and, where appropriate, returned.

  4. In the first 12 months of the product warranty referred to in the previous number, if the aforementioned product presents any defects, it is assumed that these already existed on the date of purchase and sale. In the remaining 6 months, if the product presents any defects, the customer will have to prove that these already existed at the time of purchase.

  5. The following cases are excluded from warranty:

    1. Consumables, wear-and-tear parts.

    2. Damages caused in transport which are not reported within 24 hours after reception of the parts.

    3. Damages or defects to the paintjob, as the parts are used and may present signs of use.

  6. A/C Compressors

    1. For this type of part, no warranty will be accepted without the following steps being taken:

      1. Filter replacement;

      2. Cleaning of the circuit, using adequate equipment and fluids;

      3. Verification of the expansion valve, in case it is not in proper condition it should be replaced. If it is a compressor in which the cold circuit uses a strangling valve, it must be replaced;

      4. Utilization of appropriate gas for which the compressor was designed;

      5. Verification of oil level in the compressor, after its assembly.

  7. Engines

    1. Warranty for engines refers exclusively to the engine’s main part, constituted by the engine’s head, block, sump and their corresponding internal functioning components. In the case of diesel engines, the warranty also includes the injection pump and the turbo, if it is a supercharged engine.

    2. It should be understood that it is impossible to know exactly what maintenance operations have been carried out on the engine and if they were carried out under the conditions idealized by the manufacturer, so it is necessary to assemble a DISTRIBUTION KIT.

    3. On the other hand, sometimes it is possible for a long time to elapse between the vehicle entering our stock and it being installed in another similar vehicle, requiring the replacement of the WATER PUMP and THERMOSTAT.

    4. It is also important to change GASKETS, FILTERS, OILS, REFRIGERANTS and any ELEMENTS that wear out in the engine. The engine is part which is subjected to wear and tear, so it can lose oilwithin the limits set by the manufacturer, which are a consequence of natural engine usage.

    5. For the engines’ warranty to be valid it’s necessary that the exchange of the timing belt is verified.

    6. Parts which are later assembled on the engine are excluded from the warranty such as: the injector body, injectors, steering knuckles, distributor, coils, water pump, clutch, intake manifolds and exhaust, different radiators, brake pumps, fans, different sensors and electrical installations, or any other part which has not been previously mentioned. Regarding engines, also excluded from the warranty are heating and overheating of the engine for causes which extraneous to it, and the inappropriate use of oils and other fluids.

  8. Other Considerations about Warranty

    1. Other products commercialised by B-Parts are properly identified by markings and engraving of their own, for the correct identification of their source, in case they have to be returned. These markings and engravings cannot be manipulated, or the products will void their warranty.

    2. AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. will not hold any liability for warranties and /or returns in the cases where the parts require installation and/or special adaptation. For example, parts which require encoding, from the moment they are handled void their warranty. The client should always take this fact into account before making the purchase.

    3. In all cases, labour and use of replacement vehicles are totally excluded for the warranty of parts commercialized by AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A..

    4. The invoice is your proof in case of any complaint, so this document must be kept by the client to exercise his/her rights.

  9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

    1. The present General Terms of Use are subject to Portuguese Law and for all issues arising from them, the parties choose the purview of the Porto County Court.

Privacy Policy and personal data

The present Privacy Policy(“PP”) has the goal of protecting the privacy of all those who use the Website http://www.b-parts.com/, (“Site”), whose domain belongs to AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A., thus giving them knowledge of the way in which their personal data will be collected and treated.

AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A., is bound to adhering to the applicable legislation on this matter, namely the rules inscribed in the General Data Protection Regulation (“RGPD”), approved by Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and its Council, from 27 April 2016. Therefore, we request that you read this PP carefully, and in case any other issue arises which is related to the exercise of your rights in this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do this through the following email address: rgpd@b-parts.com.Lastly, note that the availability of your personal data within the scope of the Site’s use impies the acknowledgement and acceptance of the conditions in this PP, which is supplemented by its Terms and Conditions of Use, and also by our Cookie Policy.
  1. Personal Data

    1. Under the terms of the RGPD, “Personal Data” will be any “information related to any one person identified or identifiable (“data holder”); any individual person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, especially in reference to an identifier, as for example a name, an identification number, location data, electronic identifiers, or in reference to one or more specific elements of their physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that individual, is considered identifiable;”.

  2. Parties responsible for treatment of personal data

    1. Responsibility for treatment of personal data which may be conveyed within the scope of the Site’s use, independently of its nature or ownership, will always be the purview of à AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A.,represented by Luís Vieira.

      Whenever justified, AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. may resort to Subcontracted parties, being considered as, individuals or organisations which treat personal data, a fact which is given implied consent by the Site’s users.

      In particular, the resort to Subcontracted parties will take place for purposes of: management of the business relationship between AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. and companies which provide logistics, sales and supply services, payment processing and invoicing, warranty for execution of due diligence and backoffice operations, namely technical and operational support and assistance necessary for the functioning of the Site, as well as all others considered necessary and/or convenient, at any time.

      The Subcontracted parties used by AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. will implement all technical and organisational measures adequate to the protection of personal data which are passed on by you, in such a way as to assure the defense of the rights and interests of the holders.

  3. Collection and Treatment of personal data

    1. The access and the mere use of the Site by Users does not imply the collection or treatment of any personal data. However, whenever the User creates an account on the Site, certain data will be collected, the nature of which varies according to the purpose associated with it. The purposes associated to the collection and treatment of data may be consulted in part D of this PP.

  4. Purposes associated with the collection and processing of personal data

    1. Personal data provided in connection with use of the Site will be processed and stored in a computer database specifically created for this purpose and are mandatory to supply as they are necessary and indispensable for the fulfillment of the following purposes: (i) for the management of your registration as a user of the Site; (ii) for the development, fulfillment and execution of the contract for the purchase or provision of services that you have entered into with us on the Site; (iii) to satisfy orders that you place through customer support; (iv) for marketing purposes and; (v) to comply with legal obligations in current use.

  5. Legal grounds that allow us to process your data

    Manage your registration as user of the platform.The treatment of your data is necessary in accordance to the terms which regulate the use of the Platform.
    Development, fulfillment and execution of the purchase or sevice provision contract.Treatment of your data is necessary for the fulfillment of the purchase or service provision contract with you.
    Customer SupportWe understand that we have a legitimate interest in answering questions posed through the various existing contact channels. The processing of this data is also beneficial for you, as it allows us to provide you with adequate assistance. When you contact us, in particular, for the management of incidents related to your order or the item / service purchased through the Platform, the processing of your data is necessary for the conclusion of the purchase or service provision contract.
    MarketingThe data owner has given their express consent upon collection of personal data.
    Fulfillment of legal requirements.Treatment is necessary in accordance with legal requirements to which we are bound.
  6. Data retention period

    PurposeRetention period
    Manage your registration as user of the platform.We will treat your data for the duration of your time as a registered user (ie until you decide to cancel your subscription.
    Development, fulfillment and execution of the purchase or sevice provision contract.We will treat your data during the time necessary to anage the purchase of the products or services you have acquired, including potential returns, complaints or claims associated with the purchase of the product or service in question.
    Customer SupportWe will treat your data during the time necessary to attend to your query or order.
    MarketingWe will treat your data until you withdraw your consent.
    Fulfillment of legal requirements.We will treat your data during the period of time deemed necessary or required by law.
  7. Rights of holders of personal data

    1. The Site users are assured, independently of the capacity in which they act, the right to access, rectify, withdraw consent, oppose treatment for the purposes previously stated, delete, limit and carry the data which they might have conveyed.

      The rights of users previously mentioned may be exercised at any given moment, being sufficient for that effect that the interested parties send those requests in writing to the representative of the Responsible for Treatment of Personal Data - rgpd@b-parts.com.

      With no damage for that mentioned in the previous terms, the Site users who have conveyed their personal data may also file, whenever deemed pertinent, a complaint with the National Control Authority (Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados – CNPD), the contacts of which can be consulted at https://www.cnpd.pt/.

  8. Period for Keeping of personal data

    1. Personal data collected and treated by AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. will be kept for as long as the subscription of Site users is active.

      Once the user’s subscription to the site is extinct, the personal data that he/she has conveyed to AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. will be kept up to 1 (one) year counting from that date, except if another conversation deadline is stated in the applicable law.

      However, the site user can, at any time, request from AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. the deletion of the personal data that have been conveyed.

  9. Purposes associated to collection and treatment of personal data

    1. Personal data supplied within the scope of the site’s use will be treated and stored digitally on databases specifically created for this effect, and are compulsory as they are necessary and indispensable to uphold the following purposes: undertaking of Buyers’ subscriptions; access, use and fruition of the Site by them; execution of other purposes, including the rendering of services to Buyers, the undertaking of marketing and sales operations, including sending of information regarding new or current products, offers or other promotional actions; adherence to applicable legal obligations (namely of a fiscal, administrative and judicial nature).

  10. Security measures

    1. AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. is committed to the protection of the privacy of Site users. So, it uses highly innovative security systems which guarantee that any personal data which is conveyed to it by the Site users is adequately stored and protected, foresseing and preventing any unauthorised access to these elements, as well as their loss, divulging, destruction or use beyond the purpose that justified their collection.

      Concretely, AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. adopts the following security measures:

      1. Encryption of all personal data which is conveyed to it;

      2. Compulsory use of a personal password for each User;

      3. Added safeguard of data regarding Users’ debit or credit cards. This type of data will not be stored, thus ensuring that no third parties can access them or use them;

      4. Constant supervision of IT servers to reduce any chance of attack or vulnerability situation.

  11. Cookie Policy

    1. The Site uses Cookies, these being understood as text files which identify the User’s computer in the AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A servers. So, the used Cookies do not individually identify the Site’s User, and thus do not constitute a tool for the collection of personal data.

  12. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    1. AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A. reserves the right to undertake changes which are revealed to be necessary to this PP. Whenever this happens, those changes will be published on the Site.

Cookie Policy

  1. The Site uses Cookies, being these understood as text files which identify the User’s computer in the AMANHÃ GLOBAL, S.A server. So, the used Cookies do not individually identify the Site’s User, and so do not constitute a tool for collection of personal data. The used Cookies store the Users’ preferences, affording them a quicker and more efficient use of the Site.

  2. Concretely, the Site uses the following Cookies:

    1. Required cookies: The required cookies are essential for the correct operation of the website and as such can not be disabled. These cookies help make a useful website, allowing basic functions such as navigation and access to the page to protect website areas.

    2. Preferences cookies: These cookies enable User preferences to optimize navigation on the website so that the user does not need to reconfigure and customize the use on each visit. Allows to memorize information such as their preferred language or the region where it is.

    3. Statistics cookies: Statistical cookies help B-Parts understand how visitors interact with websites, collecting information anonymously.

    4. Marketing cookies:Marketing cookies are used to target advertisements to visitors and aims to contribute to a better navigation experience adjusted to the interests of the user. The goal is to disclose contents that are relevant according to their preferences.

    5. Change settings
  3. The User can opt for the non-use and corresponding deletion of the above mentioned Cookies, but in that case, the Site’s functioning might suffer changes or limitations when it comes to its browsing.